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The causes of multiple lung nodules include cancer, benign tumors, autoimmune conditions, infections and inflammatory conditions, according to About.com. The most common cause of multiple lung nodules is cancer that has spread from one area of the body to the lungs.


A nodule is an abnormal growth that can form within the layers of the skin or on other organs in the body, according to Healthline. A nodule may consist of inflamed tissue or fluids.


Nodules on the fingers are firm lumps that grow under the skin near the joints. According to WebMD, nodules are found most often in patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Also known as rheumatoid nodules, they don't always cause pain or limit movement, but can in some cases.


Most lung nodules do not cause symptoms, but if they do, symptoms may include coughing or coughing up blood, explains About.com. Most lung nodules are discovered when a chest X-ray is done for another reason.


According to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, lung, or pulmonary, nodules have numerous causes, including fungal or bacterial infection, sarcoidosis, lymphoma, lung cancer and cancers metastasized from other organs. The Mount Sinai Beth Israel Lung Nodule Center adds that medical conditions that ca


A lung nodule is a small mass of tissues in the lung. It appears as round, white shadows on a computerized tomography scan or a chest X-ray. Typically, lung nodules are approximately 0.2 inch to 1.2 inches in size. A bigger lung nodule of up to 30 millimeters is more likely to be cancerous than a sm


Liver nodules are growths of the liver that resemble tumors and may or may not be cancerous, explains the American Cancer Society. Focal nodular hyperplasia tumors, which are usually benign, consist of hepatocytes, bile duct cells and connective tissue cells. These growths may be cancerous in appear


Liver nodules, usually a sign of liver disease, can be caused by certain parasitic or viral infections, immune system abnormalities, cancer and genetic conditions, according to Mayo Clinic. Contributing factors include heavy alcohol or drug use, unprotected sex, obesity, diabetes and exposure to cer


A throat nodule is a growth or lump that occurs in the thyroid gland in the front of the neck, according to WebMD. Throat nodules are usually not cancerous, and many do not need treatment. Thyroid nodules are common with aging, though the cause is not clear.


Treatment for thyroid nodules is dependent upon the type of nodule, according to Mayo Clinic. For benign thyroid nodules, treatment options include watchful waiting, hormone suppression therapy and surgery. Treating thyroid nodules that cause hyperthyroidism involves radioactive iodine supplements,