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PowerPoint is a software program developed by Microsoft that facilitates the creation of slide show presentations and is part of the Microsoft Office program suite. Presentations created on PowerPoint are typically used in both academic and business settings to accompan...


Multiple choice questions consist of a primary question followed by at least 2 possible answers. To answer the question, the test-taker chooses the best answer from the options given. This is a commonly used form of testing on an exam or quiz.


Powerpoint is a good program to use for a presentation because it allows the listeners to have a visual of the subjects the speaker is talking about. It also gives the speaker a reference point for the subjects that make up the majority of the presentation.


A PowerPoint template is a slide or a group of slides that users can save as a .potx or .pot file. PowerPoint templates consist of layouts, background styles, theme effects, theme fonts, theme colors and content.


A good place to find some examples of PowerPoint presentations is cubicleninjas.com. It has a list of what it considers the top 20 PowerPoint presentations, such as “The Power of Networking” and “Infographics made easy.”


Good topics for a PowerPoint presentation for students include global warming, academic freedom, global technology, the greenhouse effect and online education. For business presentations, some recommended topics are the use of audio and visual signals in businesses, pro...


Design templates in PowerPoint are predesigned backgrounds or pages that can be used to create consistent patterns. Design templates make it easy for users to create presentations that look professional or appealing to the target audience.