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Examples of binary acids include hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid and hydroiodic acid. A binary acid is a compound or a solution where one element is a nonmetal substance and the other element is hydrogen.


Binary numbers are a way to represent numbers using only zeros and ones. The binary system can also be called the base-2 system as each number place is equal to two to the power of that place.


A binary option is an option that has only two possible outcomes. Either the option expires in the money and results in a fixed compensation, or it expires out of the money and the trader loses his investment. The outcome of a binary option is based on a yes/no proposit...


The number eleven in binary is 1011. When written in the commonly used base ten system, eleven is composed of one ten and one one. Binary is a base two system, and in this system, eleven consists of one eight, zero fours, one two and one one.


Multiple choice questions consist of a primary question followed by at least 2 possible answers. To answer the question, the test-taker chooses the best answer from the options given. This is a commonly used form of testing on an exam or quiz.


Computers use binary numbers because they have circuits which are either on or off, which gives them two states to work from to make calculations and run processes. The two-digit, or base 2, number system is much easier for the computer to process with the circuits they...


The number 42 in binary is "00110100 00110010." The binary system only uses two numeric values to represent numbers and letters, 1 and 0. The binary system is used internally by almost all modern computers, mobile phones, tablets, video game consoles and other computer-...