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Some experts say that single lipomas are more common in middle-aged women and multiple lipomas are seen more often in men. Small lumps under the skin are a fairly common occurrence for most people.


Causes of a hard lump under the skin can include: Cysts. A cyst is a closed pocket of tissue that contains fluid or debris. Cysts can form anywhere on the body. Their texture varies depending on ...


A quarter of people with rheumatoid arthritis develop firm lumps under the skin called rheumatoid nodules. The lumps are firm and round. They tend to occur on the hands, heels, and elbows, but ...


Painful lumps under the skin are prone to everyone regardless of age or gender. The information in the article provides some of the general outlook treatment for the lumps on the legs under skin. Lumps under the skin are caused by infections, inflammation, and trauma. It causes development of either single or multiple lumps on the skin.


Milia are small, bump-like cysts found under the skin. They are usually 1 to 2 millimeters (mm) in size. They form when skin flakes or keratin, a protein, become trapped under the skin.


It appears as skin lesions that are red to purplish large pimples, plaques (raised or lowered, flat lesions), or nodules (bumps) on the arms or upper body. There may be only a single lesion, but there can sometimes be a few. Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma: This is the most common B-cell lymphoma of the skin. It tends to grow slowly.


Lumps and Bumps on Your Body: When You Should Worry. Finding a new lump or bump on your body would give most of us pause. After all, a lump can, in rare cases, mean cancer.


Nodules or lumps are usually found on the backs of the lower legs but they may also occur on the thighs and arms. One or both legs may be involved. Lesions range in size from small bumps to large plaques. They may be more easily felt than seen. Other features include: Aching legs; Red-purple discolouration; Cool skin; Ulceration; Varicose veins.


A large, solid-feeling lump that moves easily under your skin; A hard, irregular-shaped breast lump; Skin redness or dimpling like an orange; Changes in breast size or shape; Fluid leaking from your nipple; Causes. Breast lumps can result from: Breast cysts. If you find a breast lump that feels round, smooth and firm, it could be a cyst — a ...


Hi -- I had nodular melanoma just about a year ago on my back, and now am feeling a couple of small lumps under my skin -- almost hard to detect. I had a wide excision done and had four doses of Yervoy. One lump is under my front rib and the other is close to the original site. I'm waiting to hear back from my doctors on next steps, but has anyone ever had this happen where it