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Some of the noncancerous causes of lumps in the mouth include warts, oral thrush, a torus and salivary gland tumors, notes Merck Manuals. Some precancerous causes of lumps in the mouth include leukoplakia and erythroplakia. These are often flat white or red spots that lead to oral cancer.


Allergies, vaccination reactions, and bacterial, fungal or viral infections can all cause lumps underneath the arm, according to Healthline. Sometimes harmless growths composed of fatty tissue, called lipomas, or benign fibrous tissue growths, called fibroadenomas, cause lumps in the armpit. However


Lumps inside the nose are nasal polyps. During an allergic reaction or infection, the moist layer inside the nose swells and reddens, sometimes forming a round lump called a polyp. These polyps often hinder breathing by blocking nasal passages, according to Healthline.


Some causes of a lump on a finger bone include infections, trauma, tumors and benign cysts, according to Healthgrades. Cancers and inflammatory diseases can also cause a finger lump. A patient with a finger lump should seek medical attention to avoid serious complications.


Possible causes of lumps on the gums include canker sores, oral herpes, oral cancer, salivary duct obstruction, acute sinusitis, esophagitis and pemphigus, according to WebMD. Lumps on the gums may also be harmless mucocele, which form when salivary ducts are damaged or blocked.


The most common reason for lumps on the tongue is lie bumps or transient lingual papillitis, which occurs when the papillae become irritated and swollen resulting in white or red bumps, explains Healthline. There is no known cause for lie bumps, and while they can reoccur, they are not serious and g


In many cases, a cancerous lump feels firm to the touch, according to Health magazine. However, malignant soft tumors are also a possibility, explains Cleveland Clinic.


The main cause of small lumps under the chin is swollen lymph nodes, according to HealthTap. The nodes may be enlarged because of problems in the immediate area, such as with the teeth or ears.


According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the symptoms of head and neck cancer can include a bump, lump or mass in the head and neck area. A lump on the head is not a sure indication of cancer, however, as other medical conditions can cause the same symptoms.


An allergic reaction, a sebaceous cyst, an injury, acne, a skin infection, a tooth abscess, a boil, an ingrown hair or cellulitis can cause a lump in the cheek, according to Healthgrades. Additional causes include lymphadenopathy, mumps, keloids and cancer. If unsure about the origins of a cheek lum