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My brother owns a split-level, kind of built into a hill. There is a basement level with an actual basement (one large room,two small ones), and a garage level (with what has been set up as a TV room (so the boys can play their games), a computer room, and spare bedroom/toy room, built on slab, with a front and rear walkout.


The project ‘The Imperial’ consisted of an intricate excavation procedure in which conventional piling and anchoring was prohibited due to the development’s proximity to the RailCorp corridor.


A basement basketball court in a Chicago home, complete with 16-foot ceiling. The home recently sold for $4.5 million. In London, luxurious—and multilevel—basements have become a way that the ...


The cost of the additional depth of excavation is usually quite expensive. Thus, houses almost certainly never have multi-storey basements though 9 feet (2.7 m) basements heights are a frequent choice among new home buyers. For large office or apartment buildings in prime locations, the cost of land may justify multi-storey basement parking ...


Single level basement constructions and basement conversions can offer just the right amount of space, but for those who envisage their family growing, or for those who want their basement to offer a number of functions, multi-storey basements may be the way forward.


Two-Story Basement Project. Crawlspaces 2 Basements is embarking on one of our most exciting projects to date, a two-story basement! Not only that but it is in one of the most historic and unique residences in the Denver area.


Basements are a new build mode function available for The Sims 4. To ensure our readers are only met with the most comprehensive Sims 4 Basements Guide, we’ve brought on Ruthless_kk to put it all together for you. The basement tool allows you to add 2 additional floors to your structure ...


The earliest known multi-storey car park was opened in May 1901 by City & Suburban Electric Carriage Company at 6 Denman Street, central London. The location had space for 100 vehicles over seven floors, totaling 19,000 square feet. The same company opened a second location in 1902 for 230 vehicles.


Attributes that affect the construction of deep basement: 1. Size of a site 2. Volume of work 3. Shape and Typographical conditions of site 4. Neighbourhood conditions of a site 5. Geotechnical conditions 6. Internal layout of the basement or other related structures 7. Availability of resources for the project 8. Availability of expertise skill 9.


A multi-story building is a building that supports two or more floors above ground. There is no formal restriction on the height of such a building or the number of floors a multi-story building may contain, though taller buildings do face more practical difficulties.