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Examples of nation-states include Albania, Egypt, Estonia, North and South Korea and Mongolia. Despite influence from China in its early history, Japan is considered to be the world's largest nation-state with over 120 million Japanese, roughly 95 percent of its total population.


A nation is an aggregate of people united by descent, history, culture or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. A state is a nation or territory with an organized political community under one government.


Popular multi tools include the all-purpose Gerber Bear Grylls, the One 23 MT for cyclists and the Bivy for rock climbers. Leatherman’s Grind and Jam pocket tools for surfers and skaters also stack up high on the list.


A multi-story building is a building that supports two or more floors above ground. There is no formal restriction on the height of such a building or the number of floors a multi-story building may contain, though taller buildings do face more practical difficulties.


A multimeter is a device used to test electronics. It combines the features of a number of electronics testing devices into one unit for convenience.


Advantage Multi is a flea preventative medicine that also helps to prevent heartworm infection and kills intestinal parasites. It is given to dogs once a month, just like traditional Advantage medication.


Some common features of multi-million dollar homes include customized rooms, garages and outdoor living spaces. Other features are large kitchens and guest quarters, as Azcentral indicates. The buyers of the homes want the best amenities and secluded locations.


A multi-ethnic society is a society that has many different ethnic groups within their common social identity or "nation," including differences in race, history and culture. The majority of cities and towns in most countries are multi-ethnic societies.


Multi-player online games include "Soccer Stars" and "Tanki Online" from Miniclip.com. Both games allow players to face real competitors from around the world on a computer or a mobile device. To play against another person, players must wait for an opponent to accept a challenge before starting a g


The UNIX server allows multiple users to log on simultaneously and have access to files on the server. Windows NT also allows multiple users to log on using the Remote Desktop Connection.