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The blue mud dauber, or Chalybion californicum, is a metallic blue species of the mud dauber wasp. The wasp has a slender body measuring about 0.5 to 0.75 inch long with a thread-like waist. Blue mud daubers are solitary and do not live in colonies.


Eliminate mud daubers by swatting adults and removing nests. Use a putty knife to scrape away the mud, and wash away any remaining mud with soap and water. If necessary, spray pesticides on the area to prevent the mud daubers from returning to the nesting site. Individuals allergic to wasps should e


Mud daubers do have the capacity to sting. However, mud dauber stings are unlikely and rare because they are not an aggressive species of wasp. They typically only sting if mishandled.


Barn swallows and cliff swallows both build nests out of mud. While the barn swallow most typically builds on man-made buildings, such as barns, the cliff swallow tends to nest under bridges. Both birds build gourd-shaped nests about the size of a grapefruit.


Wasps and mud daubers are both members of the Apocrita sub-order of insects and are closely related in many ways. Both insects are parasitic and are important pest control agents throughout their range. Wasps and mud daubers are both members of the Apocrita sub-order of insects and are closely relat


Elements of zoölogy. Zoology. Fig. 76.—Mud-dauber wasp building nest. Mud-Wasps.— These large wasps (Fig. 177,d) paralyze insects with their sting, storing them up in a benumbed condition in the egg- cells as food for the future young (Fig. 177). The nests are either.


Mud Dauber wasps build finger-like nests of mud which are attached to flat or vertical surfaces. The mud is molded into cells by the wasps mandibles. Their nests are usually built in sheds, barns and other structures. Mud Dauber Wasp Lifecycle. In each mud cell, the queen Mud Dauber wasp will lay one egg and put in a paralyzed spider or other ...


The organ-pipe mud dauber constructs nests that look like long, thin pipes, while other mud daubers typically create urn-shaped nests. Nest Location. Mud dauber nests are often found on the side of buildings under overhangs, on front porches, in barns, or inside caves to protect themselves from the rain.


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Habitat. Female mud daubers construct nests of mud. Many short mud tubes, usually about 1" long, are constructed side by side. They usually build their nests in a sheltered site, such as under eaves, porch ceilings, in garages and sheds left open, in barns and attics, etc. Nests typically exhibit round holes in them as the wasps emerge.