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Containing a muck fire can be very difficult for firefighters. Falling trees and destabilized ground can make it nearly impossible to bring firefighting equipment into a forested area where a muck fire is burning. Also, in order to extinguish a muck fire, the ground must be thoroughly soaked.


Muck fires and Sink holes are connected to the book Tangerine because what they do is they cause certain events to occur in the book, (Spoiler Alert!) like the muck fires can cause smog, and the ...


His name is Wayne, and he's a volunteer for the Tangerine Fire Department. And he's pretty chill, considering the fact that there's a fire somewhere! Oh, that's why he's so laid back. He explains that the smoke is coming from the muck fire in the field behind the development's wall. Duh! Wait, what? What in the world is a muck fire?


In Tangerine, muck fires are constantly smoldering under the surface of the earth. These fires symbolize other forms of suppression and lies in the novel. They symbolize the violence smoldering under the surface of Erik’s character. They also symbolize the broader tensions of a community that ...


The lightening and the muck fires are intertwined as a warning to the people about their neglect and mistreatment of nature. Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and when we abuse nature it always comes back with its own reaction to our actions. The muckfires are natures response to a loss of trees ...


Up next—the muck fire! Because of all the complaints, the Homeowners' Association saturated the field with water, trying to put it out. Unfortunately, not only did it not put out the muck fire, but it also created the perfect swampy breeding ground for swarms of mosquitoes.


In what ways is the setting of the town of Tangerine a metaphor for Paul's life? What is it that eats away at Paul's foundation? What fire burns constantly in Paul's life? What is it in Paul's life that collapses just as the ground collapses into a sinkhole? Symbolism. The volunteer firefighter on page 15 says, "Muck fires don't go out.


What is Paul's muck fire that is always burning? What are the muck fires for Paul's parents, for Erik, for Antoine Thomas? At the end of the book, the wind has shifted and the odor and smoke from ...


The heat generated by a muck fire can also transfer underground horizontally to neighboring areas and ignite forest fires yards away from the original subsurface fire. The organic material that feeds a muck fire, also known as peat, is used as fuel for cooking and heating in many places across the world.