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The serenity of rural life is nice but can get old too. If you can get close to a clearing the night sky is something to enjoy. But stargazing can get old too. Now just to exist in a rural area, uhhh, that gets real old real fast. Now it’s better to have no friends than bad friends.


In rural areas, especially in drier climates, your well permit might limit what you can use your water for. For example, permit restrictions might prohibit you from using the water for anything other than household purposes (which would mean no watering the lawn, or even washing the car).


Rural areas have not quite kept pace with metro areas following the recession, and people are moving to the city in droves. See what how this mass migration has impacted housing.


Moving From Rural Areas Into The Big City . Finding a Home . House hunting in the city is a little more high speed than house hunting in the country. Why? Well, there’s more demand. When you look for places in the country, you tend to have time to mull over your decisions. You can view a property, head home, and draw up all of the pros and cons.


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Also, once you move out of the rural area for studies, and start looking for job opportuinites in urban centres, there’s a better chance… so unless a steady lifestile awaits you back in the rural area (family farm that can support you and your own family that you will set up) you are not really looking forward to going back.


Moving to the country was thought of as a retirement dream; it was a goal to work towards once urban life was no longer a financial necessity. But as real estate prices in Canada’s cities continue to become further disconnected from the average Canadian income, buying in a rural area is suddenly a more realistic goal than owning a home in ...


If you’re liberal, don’t move to a conservative area. If you’re conservative, don’t move to a liberal area. Trust me, this will save you a lot of grief in the end. • Do not bite off more than you can chew. Too many newbies think they can “do it all” their first year on the farm.


My husband and I are from rural West Virginia, though for school and work we've ended up in southern Ohio (near Cincinnati). The move from rural, Moving to Huntsville, Looking for Rural Home - Huntsville-Madison-Decatur area - Alabama (AL) - City-Data Forum


Why I Prefer Living Rural. by Trent Hamm Updated on 04.24.11. Getting Started ... In a more rural area, you don’t have people ringing your doorbell or loitering in the apartment hallway. You don’t have a store a mile away, so you plan more carefully for your groceries and just use what you have. You don’t jump back and forth between ...