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According to Rotten Tomatoes, the best movies that play in theaters on the weekend of Oct. 23, 2015 are "The Martian," "Bridge of Spies," "Sicario" and "Steve Jobs." For any weekend, the top movies in theaters are located by selecting the Movies & DVDs tab on RottenTomatoes.com.


Cinemark and AMC Theatres are two websites where movies playing in theatres can be found online. Cinemark offers two different searching modes, by title or by location, and offers online ticket purchases. Another site to find movies playing in theatres currently is AMC Theatres. Both sites are free.


Movie listings and times appear on local theater websites and on sites that sell movie tickets, such as Fandango. Most movie theaters also have a movie hotline that allows customers to call and hear a recording of movie showtimes.


Find movies playing at local theaters by using sites such as Fandango, Moviefone and Flixster. These sites allow users to look up local movie show times and get other information on current releases.


There is no fixed schedule, but generally theaters change movie listings and show times on a weekly basis. Each theater sets its own schedule for changing movies. The length of time a movie plays in a single theater depends on various factors, including the movie’s success and upcoming movies.


Moviefone is a website that features a search bar that displays movies showing nearby to users who enter their ZIP codes. Its search results feature the names and addresses of theaters in the area, each theater's approximate distance from that ZIP code, and show times of each movie playing.


The Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue, Washington plays Hollywood films, and the Cinemark website lists films that the theater currently shows. As of October 2, 2015, the theatre is showing "The Martian," "Hotel Transylvania 2" and "Sicario." Upcoming movies include "The Princess Bride," "Pan," "Go


Some methods to find movies playing nearby include movie ticket websites, such as Fandango and MovieTickets.com. These sites not only list the movies playing at theaters close to a given location, but they also let users purchase tickets for the shows of their choice.


Movies playing at Edwards Theaters vary by location, region and movie release dates. Most Edwards locations play the most popular and recently released movies. To check movie showtimes, visit Fandango.com or REGMovies.com.


The website of Cinemark Theatres, Cinemark.com, is an ideal place to find movies playing at Cinemark Movies 8 theaters. Fandango.com, MovieTickets.com, MovieFone.com and BigScreen.com are some other places to find movies playing at Cinemark Movies 8 theaters.