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Here is a list of recent movies that are excellent adaptations of renowned books for elementary school-aged kids. Since kids' preferences and reading levels vary, some kids may also enjoy the movie/books for young children, or they may be ready for some on the list for tweens.Even if your child isn't able to read chapter books quite yet, some of these are great for parents to read aloud to...


Already feeling the back-to-school blues creeping up? Brush them away with this list of back-to-school movies that'll get your kids excited to hear the bell ring. From Harry, Ron, and Hermione's magic classes at Hogwarts to the high school struggles of Napoleon Dynamite, school has


Each film recommended by TeachWithMovies.org contains lessons on life and positive moral messages. Our Guides and Lesson Plans show teachers how to stress these messages and make them meaningful for young audiences.


disney movies, disney-pixar, dreamworks animation (such as Joseph: King of Dreams or Prince of Egypt, if you are teaching a religious studies class) theres always Bill Nye the Science Guy (always a great laugh, and he shows many experiments that kids love to try) most children's animated features teach lessons and are interesting, you just have to watch for them and not discard them ...


Math videos for middle school and elementary. These free math videos span topics for elementary and middle school, showing varied exercises for each topic. They are recorded in high-density (HD) and are viewable both here as well as at my Youtube channel. They match my Math Mammoth books but you can watch them without having the books (in other ...


These poetry videos for elementary school will help teachers make lessons engaging and fresh. You can also check out our favorite poetry videos for younger students (and be sure to subscribe to the WeAreTeachers YouTube channel while you’re at it). Remember to check out these videos yourself before you show them to your students.


Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but movies can be particularly powerful for kids and teens. Whether it's the environmental message of FernGully that gets young kids thinking about the Earth differently or a documentary like Food, Inc. that inspires kids to change their eating habits, the movies in this list can spur action.Many of these films have a specific aim to persuade ...


Don't Eat the Cookies 2010 The 5th Grade movie project from Bethke Elementary in Timnath, Colorado. 100% student made. Watch the bloopers to see how the movie was made.


10 Halloween movies for elementary kids. By Charmin Calamaris | October 25, 2017 ... While Maria goes away to school, she grows into beautiful and confident young woman. Manolo becomes a sensitive guitar player, but his family wants him to be a ruthless bullfighter. Joaquin becomes a big hero with an even bigger ego.


10 back-to-school movies for kids. Alaina Brandenburger. Aug. 5, 2019. Motivating kids to get excited about going back to school is a difficult task. But with all of the great school-themed movies available, a family movie night can be an excellent way to gear up for the school year and get kids energized and enthused.