A small popcorn without butter ranges from 200 calories to 670 calories, depending on the movie theater chain. The serving size of a small popcorn varies between theaters as well as the type of oil used to cook the popco... More »

A large tub of popcorn from AMC Movie Theaters weighs in at 157 grams and has 1,030 calories. Included in those calories are 41 grams of fat and 579 milligrams of sodium. More »

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A small AMC Movie Theatre popcorn, without butter, equates to 11 points at Weight Watchers. It contains 400 to 500 calories. The butter topping increases the Weight Watchers point count drastically; a large portion with ... More »

The number of calories in movie theater popcorn varies based on the theater and the size of the popcorn. At Regal Entertainment Group, which is the most common movie theater chain found in the United States, a small popc... More »

The amount of calories in popcorn depends on the type of popcorn, how it was popped and if it contains seasonings or butter. Three cups of air-popped popcorn contain around 92 calories. More »

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Caramel adds about 30 calories per serving of popcorn. A single serving of caramel popcorn contains about 122 calories. One serving is equal to an ounce of popcorn. A single serving of plain, air-popped popcorn contains ... More »

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A bag of microwave popcorn contains about 120 calories if the butter in the popcorn is fat-free. If the popcorn contains full-fat butter, one bag is around 170 calories. More »