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Jackie Robinson was the first African-American player to appear in the major leagues. Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947, making his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers at the age of 28.


The first known American to be paid for playing baseball is Jim Creighton, who started playing baseball in the 1850s. Creighton was renowned for his skill as a pitcher and batter, making him a highly desirable player, and in the 1860s, the Excelsiors of Brooklyn paid him to play for their team.


Some popular two-player games are "Minion Job" and "Pou and Princess Love 2." Both of these games offer each player different keys to move and many levels to enjoy for free.


Some popular single-player games include “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” “Grim Fandango” and “Half Life.” From adventuring and puzzle-solving to breakneck action, these three games rank as some of the most critically acclaimed single-player titles as of 2015.


There is no one player who receives the lowest salary; however, as of the 2015 Major League Baseball season, the minimum salary for players on a Major League roster is $507,500. This salary is negotiated as part of MLB's collective bargaining agreement, or CBA. It is a raise of $7,500 compared to th


Some popular two-player online games include "Superfighters" and "Football Heads: 2014 World Cup Game" from Y8.com. As of 2015, "Superfighters" has a rating of 94 percent among website users, while "Football Heads: 2014 World Cup Game" has a rating of 91 percent.


At just 15 years of age, Joe Nuxhall of the Cincinnati Reds was the youngest player to ever appear in a Major League Baseball game. His appearance took place on June 10, 1944, not even two months prior to his 16th birthday.


Calculate a baseball player’s ERA or earned run average, by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched, and multiply by nine. ERA represents the average number of earned runs pitchers give up per nine-inning game and is the primary measure of a pitcher’s effectivenes


Some popular four-player online games include “Splatoon” for the Nintendo Wii U and “Heroes of Ruin” for the Nintendo 3DS. Both of these games feature four-player online cooperative play. In “Splatoon” players face off against other gamers, but in “Heroes of Ruin,” they fight against computer-contro


As of August 2014, the minimum salary for minor league baseball players is $11,490, according to Sports Illustrated. Salaries vary by player and team and are dependent on contractual terms and other factors.