A mosque is foremost a place of worship for Muslims, followers of the Islam religion. A mosque serves many of the same functions as a church does for Christians around the world. More »

Important rivers in India include the Ganges River, which is important as the most sacred river in Hinduism. The government of India declared it the national river of India in 2008. More »

Seat width, depth and height are the most important wheelchair measurements, according to Roll Mobility. All measurements are taken while the individual is seated. The seat width measurement spans the distance between th... More »

The Hajj is important to Muslims because it helps to teach them about their true purpose on Earth, to feel a closer connection to Allah, to unite with their brothers and sisters on the journey, to find their humility, to... More »

Jerusalem is important to Muslims because it is believed that the Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens from Jerusalem after being taken there from Mecca. Muslims also faced Jerusalem in prayer instead of Mecca becaus... More »

There are lots of Muslims who happen to be famous, like American converts Dave Chappelle and Shaquille O'Neal and international political figures such as Benazir Bhutto, the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. There... More »

According to India's census, as of 2011 there are 138,188,240 Muslims in India. That equates to roughly 13.4 percent of the country's population, which at the time was over 1 billion people, making Islam the second most ... More »