The BMW i3, Honda Accord Hybrid and Chevrolet Volt are three of the top 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles available as of late 2014. Other vehicles on this list include the Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Fusion Energi, Cadillac E... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Hybrid cars are generally more fuel-efficient than other types of cars, and the most fuel efficient hybrids, as of 2015, are the Honda Civic, the Honda Accord, the Toyota Prius plug-in, the Toyota Prius C and the Toyota ... More »

According to the Consumer Reports website, the BMW i3 Giga is, as of July 2015, the most fuel-efficient car on the market. Other fuel-efficient cars include the Mitsubishi i-MiEV SE and the Ford Focus Electric. Each of t... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

For the 2015 model year, the top 10 most fuel efficient cars in America are Toyota Prius, Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Lexus CT 200h, Toyota Camry Hybrid LE, Ford ... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Some cheap electric cars are the 2013 Chevrolet Volt, 2014 Ford Focus Electric, 2013 Nissan Leaf, 2013 Fiat 500e and the 2014 BMW 13. These cars are considered economical and are good for the environment. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Notable small electric cars available on the market as of 2015 include the BMW i3, Fiat 500e, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Smart Electric Drive. Most of the cars are pure electric vehicles, though the BMW i3 offers the opti... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Some 2014 cars that get over 40 miles per gallon are the Chevrolet Volt, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Lexus CT 200h and the Toyota Prius. The 2014 Chevrolet Volt, an electric car, gets over 100 miles per gallo... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models