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Dry, red wines are produced all over the world from a variety of grapes. Not all wine labels contain the list of grapes used for the blend. Knowing the country or state of origin is helpful. Cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, malbec, merlot, gamay and grenache grapes produce a bottle of dry red wine.


Dry red wines and dry white wines are a common request in restaurants and retailers alike. Many wine enthusiasts are quite willing to skip the sweet treats of the wine world, namely sweet red wines and sweet white wines, for the full-on palate texture of a lip-smacking dry wine.


Here are some tips for choosing a red wine Merlot This is the baby of the dry red wine family. It's considered the introductory red wine that has a softer taste than many others, but can be pared well with meats and fish. Pinot Noir A medium dry red wine that pairs well with creamy sauces, spicy foods, and most meats. Red Zinfandel


Although there are more than fifty variants of red wine types, here is a look at some of the most popular types of dry red wine. Dry Red Wine List. These wines vary based on the number of tannins present in the wine which contribute to the structure and the texture of the red wine. So the wine flavors can range from light fruity wines to rich ...


5 Popular Types of Red Wine. Most red wines tend to be dry. Why? Red grape varieties are naturally high in tannins and, as you learned above, tannins are bitter and astringent. This bitterness makes red wine dry, not sweet. While the five most popular types of red wine are dry, sweet red wines do exist.


Dry red wines are a popular choice for wine drinkers around the world. While there are hundreds of dry red wine varietals from wine regions across the globe, several are among the most well-known and widely consumed. These are the reds you are most likely to find on grocery store shelves.


Dry wines should be used for savory dishes while sweet wines are better for desserts. When in doubt, select a dry red wine with low to moderate tannins to complement most dishes. Always cook with ...


Most Expensive Collector’s Red Wines. These wines are priced uniquely per bottle, meaning, the wines are one of a kind; hence, they are a collector’s dream. 5. Cheval Blanc 1947 St-Emilion (Bordeaux,France) $135,125 . This vintage is one of the only two wines granted Class A status in the Classification of Saint-Emilion wine.


The Best 20 Red Wines Under $20. Nick Passmore ... I’m amazed at how much good red wine is out there. And it’s getting better, and there’s more of it, all the time. The bad, acidic plonk ...


The most popular white wine is Chardonnay; it is the most planted and produced white wine varietal in the United States. With so many styles and types to choose from, it’s easy to find a ...