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What is probably the most common teratogen world wide? Malnutrition. About how much weight do doctors recommend a woman gain during pregnancy? 25-30 lbs. What are some factors contributing to malnutrition? 40% of the world's population lives on less than two dollars a day, meaning they can't receive the healthy diet they need.


According to the text, what is the most common teratogen worldwide? a. malnutrition b. tobacco c. alcohol d. infectious disease


The four most common teratogens are tobacco, alcohol, medications and illegal drugs. Teratogens are substances that could harm a developing fetus by affecting growth and causing birth defects or death. The use of tobacco during pregnancy is dangerous because the smoke causes the blood vessels to constrict.


The most common teratogen worldwide is _____. a. malnutrition b. rubella c. alcohol d. tobacco


Probably the most common teratogen worldwide is _____. develop a faster heart rate and move more frequently. According to the text, when a pregnant mother becomes highly stressed, a fetus may _____. germinal. After fertilization, the first 2 weeks of pregnancy is called the _____ period.


Solved One of the most common causes of waterborne illness worldwide is: Solved The most common human teratogen is __________. Solved From a global perspective, which of the following is the most common teratogen to affect pregnancies


Common Teratogens. and Their Effects What is a teratogen? l Is any factor, chemical or physical, that adversely affects the fertilized ovum, embryo or fetus. l Is any agent that can induce or increase the incidence of a congenital malformation. What is teratology? l is the study of abnormal development in embryos and the causes of congenital malformations or birth defects Effects of teratogens ...


Chapter 2 Questions; Samantha P. ... From a global perspective, ____is the most common teratogen to affect pregnancies? malnutrition. According to the text, duringconception what happens to most zygotes that have too many or too fewchromosomes? They are spontaneously aborted.


Start studying Chapter 2 Genetic Influences on Development. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... Probably the most common teratogen worldwide is _____. Malnutrition. ... _____ is the most common teratogen to affect pregnancies.


Alcohol: The Most Common Teratogen YOU CAN BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! 9/24/2018 2 ... Describe the teratogenic impact of alcohol on the fetus and manifestations of FASDs- preventable lifelong disabilities 3. ... Alcohol is a large part of American (& world) culture!