The most common recycling symbols are SPI symbols, which consist of a single digit between one and seven placed in the middle of three arrows arranged clockwise into a triangular shape. The SPI resin identification codin... More » World View Symbolism

Some common shorthand symbols include a period for the word "the," a small dash or hyphen for "of," an inverted small c for "and," and a small circle for "a" and "an." Such abbreviations of common words help the writer s... More »

The most common dashboard lights represent the battery's level of charge, the vehicle's temperature, various issues with the engine and the oil pressure. While not all dashboard lights are universal, the above are fairly... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Some common symbols of bravery include lions, arrows, circles, dragons, eagles and anchors. One very interesting symbol of bravery is the ant and it symbolizes strong workers. More »

The SPI resin identification coding system is a collection of symbols applied to plastic products to enable efficient separation of polymer types for the purpose of recycling. The symbols consist of a number between one ... More » World View Symbolism

Images of hearts with arrows through them most commonly symbolize the state of being struck by love. According to ancient mythology, Cupid, the Roman god of love, held the power to make people fall in love by shooting th... More » World View Symbolism

As of 2015, the Venezuelan flag is yellow, blue and red in horizontal bands from top to bottom, with eight stars arranged in an arc in the middle and a coat of arms in the top left corner. Francisco de Miranda designed t... More » World View Symbolism