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The Most Common Job in Each State uses data from the Census Bureau to show which jobs were the most commonly performed by individuals in each U.S. state for every two year period from 1978 to 2014. In 1978 the most popular job in many states was secretary. Other popular jobs were farmer, machine operator and factory worker.


For job-seekers looking to find employment, taking exams and applying for vacancies in the most common classifications is a good way to improve the odds of getting a job. This is especially true for people looking to enter State employment for the first time. The 10 Most Common Jobs with The State of California Are:


Instead of looking at only the most common job in each state, I found the top five for a slightly wider view. You still see the nationally popular occupations — drivers, cashiers, and retail workers — but after the first row, you see more regional and state-specific jobs.


Most Common Jobs by State. Ever wondered what the most common job in your state is? PayScale analyzed our data to create a map that reveals the most common jobs in America, state by state, based ...


One thing that immediately stands out in Yau's visualization is the inclusion of Washington DC. Occupations such as lawyers, management analysts and chief executives are among the top five most common jobs in the US capital. Notably, none of these jobs appears in the top-five list for other states. [Flowing Data]


“Truck, Driving, and Tractor Driver” is the most common job in 29 of the 50 states. FreightWaves. News Home All News Autonomous Trucking Blockchain Digital Supply Chains Economics Eye on Safety Freight Futures News The Freight Movement Fuel FW News Green Trucking High Tech, ...


Most common job If a job was in the five most common for a state out of a possible 569, it appears here. Each unique job gets a map. Jobs were sorted by most national to most state-specific from top to bottom.


According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the most common job sub-sector in the U.S. (with the largest payrolls), not counting informal sectors or individuals working in the grey economy, was “ Food Services and Drinking Places ” as of January 2017 with 11,588,600 workers. This payrolls sub-sector includes the following job types:


This is not the most common job in every state — that would be far less interesting, as the most common job in 38 states is retail salesperson. Instead, these jobs have a bigger share in total ...


The location quotient measures the relative concentration of jobs by comparing how common an occupation is in a state compared to how common it is nationwide. For example, crop farm workers comprise 0.02% of the nationwide workforce. In California, crop farm workers comprise 1.1% of the workforce.