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Some common Windows error codes are Error #5, Error #20, Error #71, Error #602 and Error #606. Other Windows error codes are Error #678, Error #779 and Error #800.


Common Microsoft security software error codes include 0x8004ff00, which indicates that another Windows installer is running, and 0x8004ff81, which indicates the presence of malware that may prevent security software from installing properly. The security software error code 0x80508023 means that ma


Common errors on Windows 7 include Vista upgrade hanging at 62 percent, invisible DVD drive, failing Aero theme, missing explorer folders, HP Multifunction Printer Defects and Windows 7 themes changing custom icons. Other errors include program incompatibility, Windows Live Moneymaker failures and p


Common Windows error codes include "Stack Overflow" (error #6), "The system cannot find the specified device" (error #20), "An operation is pending" (error #600), and "The device does not exist" (error #608). Some Windows errors can be easily fixed, while others require professional expertise.


Three of the most common blue screen error codes are "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DEVICE," "DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO" and "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGE_AREA." These STOP codes appear on a STOP error screen, colloquially referred to as a "blue screen of death." Many versions of the Microsoft Windows opera


Some common errors in sentence structure include comma splices, sentence fragments, run-on sentences and faulty parallelism. Writers fix these errors by expanding or dividing the sentence as necessary with appropriate elements such as punctuation and grammatical verb forms.


A list of common errors on a Windows operating system and their solutions is available at CCM.net, the website of CCM Benchmark Group. PCSupport.About.com provides a comprehensive list of error codes and their meanings.


Nobody can reliably say which computer virus is most common today, because modern worms are often designed to spread without being noticed, according to security expert Bruce Schneier. For example, estimates of the spread of the Storm Worm released in 2007 ranged from 1 million to 50 million compute


Fix a security certificate error on a Windows computer by installing the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server on the computer with the issue. Once this is installed, the error message should no longer appear. No additional software purchases are needed to install the certificate, though an Intern


Modern speakers learning Classical Latin encounter several problems frequently, including confusion about how to pronounce the letters "v" and "c" and about using aspirated consonants. Often modern speakers fall into patterns of the speakers' own languages or pronounce Latin like Italian, as the lan