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The most popular collectibles can change as quickly as the seasons, but there are a handful of items that will always be worth storing with care. These things have merit and are timeless. In fact, top collectibles have maintained or increased in value and will continue to do so. Here are ten of the most popular collectibles that are hot and in ...


But the most expensive item on the site? A pink Duplo castle turret, which is being hocked at an astounding $1,374. Because, s**t, someone out there is building a pink Duplo castle with one off-white turret, and it's keeping them awake night after night.


Early Harvard vs. Yale sports items are highly collectible, and turn-of-the-century examples like these can be difficult to find. "Of your three programs, the 1897 item is the most rare but also in poor condition," explains Marsha Dixey of Heritage Auctions. Meanwhile the 1899 and 1909 items are easier to come by but wonderfully preserved.


22 Things You Owned in the '90s That Are Worth a Fortune Today. ... known for being the most powerful water gun ever, ... VHS tapes can be surprisingly valuable, even if most people no longer own ...


This is one of the most novel items we’ve found in our collection of the 20 most expensive things in the world. The piece is most commonly called “Dead Shark,” to make it easier to refer to. We can see why the name has been shortened. It is actually a 1991 creation by the English artist Damien Hirst.


Collectible statues come in a variety of themes, such as movie stars, cartoon characters and superheroes. As with most collectible items, the more pristine condition your item is in, the more value it will have. Even if you have a statue that’s a little worse for wear, don’t let that stop you from determining its value.


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This is a list of popular collectables described in Wikipedia articles. The references cited include collectors' clubs and societies for each item to support its presence on this list by demonstrating the notability or popularity of the collectable.


Similarly, collectible cards from sci-fi blockbusters Star Wars and Star Trek are fan favorites. Everything Else in the World of Memorabilia. Besides these more common collectible items, eBay has seemingly infinite categories when it comes to unique and sometimes valuable collectibles.


The most valuable toys from your childhood could be sitting in your attic or parents' basement right now ... and you'd never know it. Read and see if you happen to have one of these toys lying around.