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Tuna is a healthy fish to eat, to a certain degree. As a fatty, cold-water fish, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are fats that help regulate cholesterol levels and protect against cardiovascular disease.


Tuna is a healthy source of lean protein for dogs, as long as the correct amount is administered in the correct way, according to The Nest. It is recommended to feed a dog canned tuna packed in water.


Besides humans, tuna fish are eaten by sharks, rays, larger tuna and billfish, such as marlins. Juvenile yellowfin tuna are often prey for seabirds and fish, such as wahoo. Large, adult tuna can only be handled by predators, such as sharks, marlins and toothed whales similar to false killer whales.


Consuming excessive amounts of tuna can lead to mercury poisoning. High amounts of mercury can damage the brain and nervous system, particularly in children and pregnant women.


The average size of a tuna fish ranges between around 15 inches to about 79 inches. The average weight varies greatly, from as small as 3 pounds to as large as 400 pounds.


Canned tuna can be frozen for three to four months. To freeze tuna properly, it should be removed from the original can or pouch and placed in an airtight, freezer-proof bag or container, with all excess air removed before freezing.


Kittens and cats can occasionally eat tuna, but WebMD warns that too much tuna in a kitten's diet can lead to malnutrition. While kittens usually enjoy tuna, it lacks the full range of nutrients necessary for a healthy diet.


Bluefin tuna is expensive because it’s in such high demand in Japan. According to “Why Tuna's Both Cheap and Expensive, Plentiful and Very Endangered,” a bluefin tuna caught off Long Island goes straight to Japan, where a 500-pound fish can sell for as much as $1.8 million.


Tuna is acceptable to feed to a cat in moderation. Overconsumption of tuna, however, can lead to increased chances of mercury poisoning and vitamin E deficiency. One complication resulting from vitamin E deficiency is steatitis, a painful inflammation of fatty tissue. Red tuna particularly needs to


Vegetarians don't eat tuna. Some who call themselves vegetarians opt to eat tuna and other fish, but the North American Vegetarian Society considers those people "would-be vegetarians."