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As of September 2015, 100 percent ground beef is about $4.126 a pound. The average cost of lean and extra-lean ground beef is $6.139 a pound, while the number for all uncooked ground beef per pound is $4.604.


By definition, fish are animals that live in water, have gills and lack limbs. They are also chordates, which means they have a backbone-like structure that provides support for the body and acts as an anchor for the major muscles.


As of Sept. 2, 2014, titanium was priced at $2.72( U.S.) per pound. This price is known to fluctuate unpredictably according to market demand. Titanium is a low-priced metal compared to precious metals, such as gold or silver, and has a wide range of applications in construction and industry.


In general, plan to serve 1/4 to 1 pound of shrimp for each person. The amount may be scaled up or down depending on the accompaniments being served. For example, when making a shrimp boil with potatoes, corn and sausage, 1/2 pound of shell-on shrimp per person may be sufficient.


According to Ruby's BBQ, 1/3 to 1/2 pound of raw meat per person is a good estimate. For a group of 25 people, the total weight of meat to be served would be approximately 8 to 12 pounds.


The price per pound of scrap copper varies by region and type of copper being turned in for scrap. As of Oct. 21, 2015, bright copper with more than 99 percent pure copper content is worth between $2.32 and $2.35 per pound. Pure copper is $2.39 per pound.


Pecans cost $4 to $9 per pound. Pecans in the shell are cheaper than halved pecans that are salted, raw or unsalted.


As of August 2015, some of the most expensive things you can buy include a $600,000 chess set with pieces crafted from black and white diamonds and a $2.5 million television accessorized with alligator skin and diamonds. Another one of the most expensive items you can buy is a $2 million set of spea


Since metal prices fluctuate daily, a person has to call the recycling center to find out the current prices for scrap metal. Scrap metal prices also differ from center to center.


The average cost of paper shredding per pound varies, as different companies have different rates. For example, as of June 2015, the Green Girl Recycling company charges about $0.20 per pound on average.