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To get rid of moss in a lawn, use moss killer on the lawn. After the moss dies, remove it from the lawn using a rake, and plant new grass in the empty spots. Water the newly planted areas frequently until the new grass is fully established.


Alleviating damp, shady conditions and physical removal of moss are natural ways to kill it. Moss grows in yards as a result of moisture, shade and poorly maintained lawns.


To get rid of moss on your lawn, apply pesticide, improve the drainage of your lawn, and fertilize it regularly. If you can, it is also helpful to get more light to your lawn. It is best to treat moss with pesticide as soon as it appears.


If you plant moss in a shady, moist area, it requires almost no care at all. Just water your moss during extended dry periods. If you search for "moss" on the internet, you are likely to find more info about getting rid of it than taking care of it. Yet the moss-not-grass movement is taking hold, an


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Lawn care is important in maintaining a beautiful home. Learn everything you need to know about lawn care, from sprinklers to composting to planting a lawn. Advertisement Lawn care is important in maintaining a beautiful home. Learn everything you need to know about lawn care, from sprinklers to com


Learn the right way to take care of your lawn plus tips to keep it healthy all year round. Find out which grass is right for you, plus advice for watering, mowing and raking.