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Moss loves shade, moisture, and poorly drained or compacted soils. There is truth to the belief that moss grows on the north side of trees since areas that receive little sun are where moss tends to thrive. In lawns, moss tends to fill in areas where grass has weakened and cannot grow. Moss is simply filling a void where other plants cannot grow.


In the spring, to organically control moss apply well-rotted, crumbly leaf compost or leave the clippings on the lawn every second time you cut the grass – this method returns nitrogen to the soil. Raking your lawn also helps to remove and control Moss as it pulls out all the dead vegetation and removes thatch (dead grass and weeds).


Tips on using moss killer. Moss killer can be applied either by hand or by using a manual spreader that can be pushed over the lawn. Chemical moss killers affect soil acidity levels, so it’s important to apply moss killer evenly across the whole lawn, not just in problem areas, otherwise the lawn may grow back patchy and discoloured.


Or Read: The Best Moss Killer For Lawns: My Top 3 Picks. Watering Can and Sprinkle Bar or Knapsack Sprayer. You need a way of applying moss killer evenly over your lawn. If you don’t apply it evenly you run the risk of altering the pH balance of the soil in some areas and not others. This will affect the way the new grass grows during recovery.


When moss has died, rake out of lawn and reseed lawn if necessary. In Spring or early Summer use LawnPro 7 Day Green on the lawn to promote grass growth and 'sweeten' soil by raising pH. Watch the video on How to Get Rid of Moss in Lawns; On hard surfaces. For moss on hard surfaces, use SORTED Moss and Mould. This powerful targeted formulation ...


How to control moss and algae in lawns - Paul Munns Blog Solve my Problem Category How to control moss and algae in lawns - If you notice moss and algae growing in your lawn, I'd advise you to do what you can to get rid of it. While it can look OK, it has the potential to take over your lawn.


How to Kill Lawn Moss With Dish Soap. Moss is a primitive plant that reproduces by spores. It is a thick mat of tiny green leaves and threadlike stems. Moss grows on wood, bare soil, rocks and any ...


How to Kill Moss on Your Lawn. Moss in a lawn competes with grass, looks unsightly and can cause heart ache for your lawn mower as it struggles to cut through the thick growth at the start of the season. Some people like daisies, moss and other wild flowers spread throughout their lawn.


This homemade moss killer spray is sufficient to treat 1,000 square feet of lawn, and you should use it when you are not expecting rainfall within 24 hours after application. Combine the water and dish soap into a garden sprayer and hold the spray nozzle approximately two inches from the moss. Drench the small patches of moss with the soap solution, and within 24 hours, the moss will begin to ...


Yates Moss & Algae Killer - Hose On. Effective and easy to use hose-on spray to control moss, lichen, liverwort and algae in lawns, on paving, roofs, patios, cobblestones, tiles, timber and other hard surfaces.