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Natural ways to control mosquitoes include using essential oils such as citronella, lavender or peppermint on the skin and avoiding highly perfumed soaps and shampoos when heading outside. Fans can also be used to deter mosquitoes outdoors.


To keep mosquitoes away, avoid flowery and fruity scents, use repellent plants, remove old water dishes, apply essential oils to the skin and wear light-colored clothing. Commercial mosquito repellents may be an effective solution in some cases.


A few main home remedies to repel mosquitoes include garlic, mouthwash, chives and fabric softener sheets. There are many different methods, but not all of them work.


Mosquitoes live around the world in almost every type of ecosystem. More than 2,500 species are known and 150 of these species are found in the United States.


Most mosquitoes live two to three weeks, but some species can live up to six months. Mosquitoes can live longer in warm and humid environments.


Mosquitoes eat different foods depending on gender and life stage. Mosquito larvae live in stagnant pools of water and primarily consume algae and microscopic aquatic organisms. Once they pupate, the mosquitoes cease feeding until metamorphosis occurs and they become adults. Adult females primarily


Effective methods of outdoor mosquito control include using misting systems that spray insecticides, citronella candles, or portable traps such as the mosquito magnet trap. Homeowners can keep mosquitoes outside by ensuring that doors, windows and porches have tight mesh screens.


Eradicating standing water and overgrown vegetation kills mosquitoes by destroying their nesting and resting places. Follow up by making the right choices to the placement of wanted water outside to prevent mosquitoes from returning.


Organic mosquito control sprays generally contain essential oils, which are distasteful to mosquitoes, and carrier oil or alcohol as ingredients. Some of the essential oils that repel mosquitoes include cinnamon oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella oil and castor oil. Carrier oils that may be used


Natural products, such as neem oil and essential oils, can help control and repel mosquito populations. To control mosquito populations indoors, it is necessary to eliminate the pest's breeding grounds outdoors.