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ASC, also referred to as America's Servicing Company, has an online system that requires people to make an account, at which point they can use it to pay for their bills. ASC is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, notes the company website.


An existing mortgage customer creates an online account by visiting the ASC website and registering the account information, explains America's Servicing Company. A new user must provide personal information, such as the loan number, Social Security number and a valid email address.


America's Servicing Company, or ASC, is not a lender and is not offering any mortgages to the public, as of November 2015. What the ASC does is provide managerial services for the mortgages originated by other lenders. Borrowers can contact the company for loan modification on a mortgage that the co


It is not possible to apply for an America's Servicing Company (ASC) home mortgage loan because the loans offered by ASC are only intended for businesses. ASC acts as a loan modification company, which means that they reduce mortgage rates on existing loans, according to Wells Fargo.


Mortgage payments to America's Servicing Company may be made online. To make a payment, go to MortgageAccountOnline.com, which redirects to the ASC customer care website.


America's Servicing Company is not a lender and does not underwrite new mortgages or home equity loans to the public or provide mortgage refinancing, according to Mortgage Loan Directory. America's Servicing Company collects mortgage payments, handles business interactions with the borrower and coll


A Form 1098 mortgage interest statement allows borrowers to report interest paid on a mortgage, including points, of $600 or more, explains Forbes. Lenders issue Form 1098 mortgage interest statements to borrowers with real property that secures mortgages. The IRS does not require a lender to issue


A mortgage is a loan designed to help you buy a home or piece of property. Mortgages are offered by various banks and financial institutions. Big Stock Photo A mortgage is a specific type of loan that’s used to purchase a home or a piece of real property. Mortgages are offered by banks, credit union


The federal periodic statement rule requires mortgage lenders and servicers to provide homeowners with prompt, regular, and accurate information about their mortgage loans. By Amy Loftsgordon, Attorney The periodic statement rule requires mortgage lenders and servicers to provide homeowners with pro


Online statements have all the information you see on the paper versions. Going paperless doesn’t just reduce waste. Learn more about the features and benefits of online documents. If you're still receiving mortgage account documents by mail, sign on to change your preferences to paperless. You can switch back to paper documents at any time.