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General Commentand in a movie i think it is aliens one guy/girl says summit like lets get more human than human, i think the person was a robot aswell. i read somewhere that rob was amazed with that bit of dilect and was like right i will put it in a song


This song was inspired by the movie Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford.The movie and song are both about synthetic humans with a predetermined life span. "More Human Than Human" is the motto of the Tyrell Corporation, which manufactures "Replicant" humans.


Play "More Human Than Human" on Amazon Music "More Human Than Human" Yeah, I am the astro creep A demolition style Hell american freak, yeah I am the crawling dead A phantom in a box Shadow in your head say Acid, suicide freedom of the blast Read the fucker lies, yeah Scratch off...

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Freebase (1.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition:. More Than Human. More Than Human is a 1953 science fiction novel by Theodore Sturgeon. It is a fix-up of his previously published novella Baby is Three with two parts written especially for the novel.


"More Human than Human" is the first official single from the Astro-Creep: 2000 album by metal band White Zombie. The song can also be found on Rob Zombie's Past, Present & Future, the greatest hits album The Best of Rob Zombie, and a remix is included on Supersexy Swingin' Sounds


I am the Astro-Creep a demolition style hell American freak yeah I am the crawling dead a phantom in a box shadow in your head Say acid suicide freedom of the blast read the fucker lies Make me do it again, yeah More human than human I am the jigsaw man-I turn the world around with a skeleton hand Say-I am electric head a cannibal core a television said yeah Do not civtimize read the ...


What would it mean to be more human? ... If we are to make the argument that some people are more human than others then we must have some way of measuring humanness, and I do not know of a viable ...


Best Answer: the Phrase "More Human than Human" comes from Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi masterpiece Blade Runner.. The Replicant's creator, Dr Eldon Tyrell says '"More human than human" is our motto.' When speaking about the creation of replicants and explaining why they gave them emotions. He was saying that, in ...


But what does it mean to be "human"? Replicants are supposed to lack empathy, and yet Roy is far more eloquent in his rage, grief and fear than Deckard--an updated Frankenstein's monster who ...


3 a: having human form or attributes the statue is more human than the beings at his feet — Clifton Fadiman b : representative of or susceptible to the sympathies and frailties of human nature human kindness a human weakness such an inconsistency is very human — P. E.