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Fossil scoured the archives to bring back the 1996 classic fan favorite: The Mood Watch. This limited edition collector’s piece – with only 854 being produced – features a heat-reactive dial that changes colors to reflect the mood of the wearer. The mood decoder on the caseback features a range of six color moods:


And it was a Mood Watch. And when i Opened it. It said " Keep it at all times when you're in a mood, check you're watch to see what's happening" here are what the colors stand for.


MOOD WATCH also offers you the ability to customize your mood components. For example, just tap on the word “calm” and change it to “joy” if you’d like to track this component instead. You can also change the secondary criteria (0 = X, + = Y, – = Z) to give you an even richer experience.


Seek inner guidance as well when discerning what the mood ring colors mean for you. Mood Ring Color Chart. You’ve seen them. Maybe you have one. They’re called Mood Rings and they change color, according to the emotional state of the wearer. The theory is that the sets in these mood rings change due to your moods.


The Mood Watch Archival Series Luggage Leather Watch. SKU LE1052 LE1052. $115.00 $80.50 Quantity. Colors Remove Close. Are you sure you want to remove? No Yes Cancel Close. No Yes $115.00 $80.50 Out of Stock Product Details. Sku: LE1052. Case Size: 42MM. Movement: Quartz. Platform: Fossil Mood Watch. Strap Material: Leather. Water Resistance: ...


Chart of Mood Ring Colors and Meanings This chart shows the colors and meaning of the usual 1970s style of mood ring. Some mood rings use different liquid crystals, which exhibit other colors and respond differently to the heat of your skin.


Being a watch mood –watch it changes its colors following the mood of the users so that you are aware of what is going to happen. However, to utilize this facility you must know the mood watch color meanings. If the watch goes red you are in an excited mood; Pinkish color of the watch symbolizes you are scared of something


Any particular symbol in a dream will not mean the same to everyone. Likewise, the general interpretations of mood ring chart will not be the same to everyone. So the best suggestion I would give will be to develop your own chart. Watch your moods and watch the color your mood ring turns. Repeat this in your various emotional states.


The Mood Ring Color Chart (PDF) Another way to identify moods and emotions is with mood rings. This accessory was introduced in the 1970s and operates with a liquid crystal that changes color with differing temperature. The idea behind the design was that blood flow relies on temperature and mood (ex: under stress, blood is directed toward ...


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