A poem's mood refers to the emotions evoked by the poem's language. When poets use words to specifically inspire feelings of sadness, anger, joy or other emotions, those words contribute to the poem's mood. More »

The mood of "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou is upbeat, optimistic and happy. The mood is celebratory, extolling the virtues and success of a woman with a large body. The large female is identified as the phenomenal wo... More »

Mood is a literary device authors use to evoke feelings within their readers. They create mood with their setting and character descriptions, tone and diction, or word choice. More »

A personification poem is a poem that bestows human-like qualities and emotions on either inhuman or inanimate objects, often in order to create symbolism and allegory. Many poets have used personification in their work,... More »

To write a remembrance poem for someone who is deceased, tap into emotions to write the poem, use details from the life of the deceased, and format the poem after the writing is complete. It can help to have other people... More »

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Dialect in a poem is a literary tool that refers to the use of language that distinguishes the voice of someone from a unique culture, financial status or social class from others. Dialect can include specific grammar, s... More »

The primary theme of "Tears, Idle Tears" by Elizabeth Bowen is a boy's coming of age through acceptance of emotions. Other themes include the weight of expectations and the different ways in which people deal with traged... More »