The mood of a story is the overall atmosphere of the story or the feeling it gives its readers. The author uses a variety of devices to cause the audience to feel certain emotions while reading the story. These emotions ... More »

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Authors use irony as a literary device to make readers think about something or to emphasize a point in the story. For irony to be used correctly, the reader must be able to clearly understand the difference between what... More »

The theme of a short story is essentially the way that a writer is able to communicate with the readers on a common ground. The theme can be different if the short story is meant to be a moral story or if the short story... More »

Atmosphere is a term used in literature to describe the mood of a piece of writing, which is usually created by how the author describes the setting and background, as well as the characters and events within the story. ... More »

A good author's page is one that connects with readers and informs them about the book, according to Bookmasters. This may be accomplished by writing the author's page in a similar tone to the book, highlighting relevant... More »