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Don't bother getting the same old hoops or the same old piercing as everyone else. Check out our selection of monroe and labret jewelry for people with lip and facial piercings of the flat-backed variety.


The Monroe Piercing is a type of piercing on the upper lip. It is located on the left side which is similar to the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. The most appropriate gauge labret for this type of lip piercing is usually 14, 16 or 18. When it is healed, the bars will be shortened.


Whatever lip piercing you have - whether it be a pair of snakebites or the single stud medusa - you've come to the right place to find your lip piercing jewelry needs. If you like rings for your lip piercing style, check out our selection of captive bead rings, horseshoe circular barbells, and lippy loops (perfect for


SCERRING 16G Lip Rings Labret Monroe Lip Ring Tragus Rook Nail Helix Earring Stud Piercing Jewelry with 2-4mm CZ Bar Length 6mm 8mm 12-30PCS 4.3 out of 5 stars 28. $10.99. Ruifan 6PRS(12PCS) 16G 2mm 3mm 4mm Clear Cubic Zirconia Labret Monroe Lip Ring Tragus Helix Earring Stud Barbell Piercing Jewelry Bar Length 8mm


A Monroe piercing is a lip piercing placed off-center, above the upper lip on the left-hand side and is meant to resemble Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot, although Monroe's beauty spot was on her cheek, not her lip.The Madonna piercing is similar but worn on the right-hand side.. Description. This piercing is typically fitted with a 14, 16, or 18 gauge labret barbell, the bars of which are .....


Lip ring is very trendy for labret or madonna/monroe piercing. Though we recommand you to wait a complete heal (around 3 months) before wearing this type of jewel. See all labret gold piercing jewels . What size are lip piercings? There is two main barbell gauge sizes for lip piercings : 1,2mm(16G) and 1,6mm(14G) (barbell diameter).


Xpircn 16G Labret Monroe Lip Rings Helix Tragus Earring Studs Piercing Jewelry 9PCS. Ruifan 12-24PCS 16G 3mm Ball & Cubic Zirconia Labret Monroe Lip Ring Tragus Helix Earring Stud Barbell Piercing Jewelry Bar Length 6-10mm.


Typical jewelry for this type of piercing is a labret stud, which is a post jewel that screws into a flat disc-shaped base.The disc lays snug against the inside of your lip, holding the post in place. If the disc is allowed to rub against the teeth or gums, however, it can cause serious irreversible damage.


What is a Monroe Piercing? Monroe lip piercing is a perforation above the upper lip also known as beauty mark piercing or Crawford piercing. It is usually located on the left side, replicating the nicest Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark. If done on the right side above the upper lip such piercing is called Madonna piercing.


I got my Monroe piercing as a birthday gift from my husband :) I've wanted it for years. It didn't hurt AT ALL getting done. I didn't even know the needle went through. It did hurt however as you ...