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At AlwaysFreshFish.com we purchase only the freshest Monkfish available. The fresh Monkfish we process are always from the North Atlantic waters of the United States. The Monkfish are delivered to our plant daily from local boats via refrigerated trucks. The meat from the Monkfish's tail section is firm, sweet and white colored.


Product Description: Monkfish is a fine and tasty fish especially with a little drawn butter! Recognizably known for its large head and mouth; the meat from the tail you'll find very pleasing with it's sweet flavor similar to a lobster in both flavor and texture.


Fresh Monkfish Fillets (per pound) Fresh Monkfish Fillets are shipped fresh, not frozen, from our local boats in Gloucester, Mass. Perfect for grilling, frying or broiling for that special dinner party or special event.


Monkfish, how much is it and is it easy to get? ... Any decent fishmongers should have it - as for price not sure as not bought it for so long. Monkfish is often referred to as "poor mans lobster" as the taste and texture of it is very similar to lobster - yet a lot cheaper. Very ugly fish though lol !


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Price Match Promise for Wild-Caught Monkfish - North Atlantic - 1 lb. We want you to experience Seafood With Integrity.We will match any online price for similar products and shipping combined. Call 207-799-8222 x1 to speak with a sales associate who can help you compare pricing. If it is after call hours please submit a request and we will contact you the following day.


Monkfish are caught from North Carolina to Maine using trawl or gillnet gear in northern versus southern waters. Our Atlantic monkfish offers a delightfully firm texture that makes this fish so versatile to prepare and enjoy. Their mild taste and texture is reminiscent of lobster, but these delectably bizarre fish have a flavor of their own.


Although Monkfish can weigh up to 50 pounds, most are landed in the 10 to 20 pound range which yields a skin-on tail of 2-5 pounds. Pricing Scale. Monkfish prices have increased in the last several years due to the strong demand from export markets in Korea and Europe.


wet fish from CFayre, haddock, halibut, mackerel and samon


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