Monkeys generally reside in forests, high plains, grasslands and mountains. Many monkeys live in trees most of the time, but some kinds, including macaques and baboons, mostly live on the ground. More »

Monkeys have many adaptations that allow them to survive in natural environments. Their intelligence is well-known, and this helps them to quickly adapt to changes in their surroundings; they also have prehensile and pen... More »

A monkey's specific habitat depends on whether it is an Old World or New World monkey. Old World monkeys can live in habitats that include rainforests, mountains and savannas in parts of the world that include Africa, In... More »

The squirrel monkey is a small species of New World monkey whose native habitat is in the forests and tropical jungles of Central and South America. Due to their small size, squirrel monkeys can only protect themselves b... More »

Monkeys in the wild rarely live to old age and may only live to young adulthood. In captivity, monkeys can live well into their 20s, sometimes even into their 30s. More »

Vampire monkeys are mythological creatures rumored to live in remote forests in China. Although there have been numerous reports of these animals, there are no pictures or scientific evidence of vampire monkeys existing. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys

Red foxes are omnivorous mammals that live around the world in diverse habitats such as forests, grasslands, mountains and deserts. Foxes are solitary animals, but during the winter breeding season, they court and mate. ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals