As of April 2015, MoneyGram does not provide its customers with an option to send money over the phone, according to the company's official website. Customers can send money either online at MoneyGram's website or in per... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

As of 2015, MoneyGram transfers cannot be completed over the phone. Funds may be sent in person at a MoneyGram location, online or through a mobile device, according to MoneyGram payment Systems Inc. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

A MoneyGram can be sent in person or online, states the MoneyGram website. Visiting the website helps find the closet brick-and-mortar location, or money can also be sent by filling out online information or through a mo... More »

MoneyGram describes itself as an international company whose main service is money transfers. MoneyGram services also include money orders, prepaid cards, bill payment services, money transfers to inmates and government ... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To track money transfers made using MoneyGram, to go the company's website, find Track a Transfer, fill out the necessary information and click on the Track Transfer link. If no information is available about a specific ... More »

Send money online through MoneyGram by clicking on the Send Money tab on the MoneyGram website and following the prompts. Fill in the online form, and pay with a debit card, credit card or U.S. bank account. More »

MoneyGram determines the conversion rate of currency by applying an exchange rate set by the company, as the company's website explains. MoneyGram indicates the applied exchange rate to its clients in both pre-transactio... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking