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Newcomer Supply Wright-Giemsa Stain, Modified for Tissue Sections procedure combines a concentrated Wright’s formula with a Giemsa Stain Solution for either hand or automated staining processes and is used for differential staining of hematopoietic tissue and demonstration of bacteria.


Wright-Giemsasolution is intended for use in staining blood filmsor bone marrow films. Solutions are for “In Vitro Diagnostic Use.” Wright-GiemsaStain is a modifiedRomanowsky stain used for differentially staining the cellular elements of blood. When blood filmsare stained as described in the procedure, the


When blood films are stained using Wright-Giemsa Stain, the white blood cell nucleus and cytoplasm take on the characteristic blue or pink coloration. The combination of purified eosin and thiazine dyes in the product eliminates inconsistent staining and yields reproducible chromogenic responses.

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Newcomer Supply Wright-Giemsa Stain, Modified for Tissue Sections combines a modified Wright’s formula with a Giemsa Stain Solution for differential staining of hematopoietic tissue and demonstration of bacteria that may be present in the sections. This procedure is applicable for either hand or automated staining processes.


Wright's stain is a histologic stain that facilitates the differentiation of blood cell types. It is classically a mixture of eosin (red) and methylene blue dyes. It is used primarily to stain peripheral blood smears, urine samples, and bone marrow aspirates which are examined under a light microscope.


PROCEDURE: 1. Deparaffinize, bring to absolute alcohol. 2. Methanol, three changes. 3. Place slide on staining rack, cover with Wright stain, 5 minutes. 4. Do not drain off stain, add an equal amount of distilled water until a metallic sheen appears. Leave for 5 minutes. 5. Place slides directly into the Giemsa solution, for 45 minutes, room ...


Giemsa stain is commonly used when there is need to examine the Blood smear for the Parasites but is a good stain for routine examination of blood smear and used to differentiate nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology of the various cells of the blood like Platelets, RBCs.... Giemsa Staining Technique....


Wright-Giemsa Stain Method EMS Catalog #: 26149-Series Fixation: Streak thin (approx. one cell thick) smears across a sterile slide by means of a second slide or cover glass. Air-dry quickly. Staining: Place 1.0ml of the Wright-Giemsa Stain upon the smear, in sufficient quantity to cover the entire surface, for 3-4 minutes.


Hematology Stains Fisher HealthCare™ PROTOCOL™ Hema 3™ Manual Staining System and Stat Pack For 30-second, three-step staining comparable to the Wright-Giemsa method