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Some of the most well known low mintage modern commemorative coins include the uncirculated version of the 1997 Jackie Robinson $5 Gold Coin, numerous issues from the 1995-1996 Olympic commemorative program, and the uncirculated version of the 2000-W Library of Congress $10 Gold and Platinum Coin. ... The 1982 George Washington Half Dollar sold ...


Although military subjects usually do well, the 2011 Army half dollar sold only 39,461 Uncirculated pieces, a new low for modern commemorative halves. The next half dollar, the 2013 Five Star ...


Three commemorative half dollars were proposed for issue in 1954, but all were vetoed by president Dwight D. Eisenhower due to the lack of interest expressed by collectors, and the period of early commemoratives ended that year with the 1954 Carver-Washington half dollar. Modern commemoratives


2016 national park service half dollar uncirculated is the lowest mintage for modern commemorative half dollar series. Total sales at 21,335. The highest is the 1982 George Washington half dollar uncirculated Final mintage at 2,210,458. While the 1982 proof version tops 4,894,260.


The United States Modern Commemorative Coin program began in 1982. That year, the US Mint released commemorative half dollar coins to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of George Washington. Since that date, commemorative coins have been issued nearly every year to celebrate famous American people, places, events, and institutions.


Across all product options, the clad half dollars were limited to a maximum mintage of 750,000 pieces. Following the recent trend for modern commemorative half dollars, sales were considerably lower. At the conclusion of sales, the final mintages for the half dollars tallied 38,095 uncirculated coins and 47,326 proof coins. Coin Specifications


After the coins were officially sold out at the Mint, many collectors and dealers took note of the particularly low mintage for the uncirculated version of the coin at 39,442 pieces. At the time, this represented the lowest mintage modern commemorative half dollar, which sent secondary market prices higher.


Modern United States Silver Commemoratives continue this tradition, honoring important Americans and historic events – starting with the 1982 issue of a silver Half-Dollar honoring the 250th anniversary of George Washington's birth, the first 90% pure silver coin minted by the United States Mint since 1964 (when the last 90% silver ...


Current and accurate commemorative coin mintage chart. Mintage figures last updated on 01/28/2020. ... Home InfoVault Articles Coin Mintage Charts Commemoratives Coin Mintage Chart. Commemoratives Coin Mintage Chart. Category: Coin ... 2019 Apollo 11 50 th Anniversary Kennedy half dollar set: 99,998: 2019 Apollo 11 50 th Anniversary Proof $5 ...


Denominations used for the coins varied by program, but included what had become the standard sizes of $5 gold, silver dollar, and clad composition half dollar. Mintages were generally down from earlier levels, but still large when compared to later years. Listed below are the pages with more information about the 1990-1992 commemorative coin ...