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Modern art, 1850-1970, is a school of thought in reaction against rationalism and mechanistic metaphors for society in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and the development of photography. Although modern artists commonly had classical training, many chose to reject tradition in favor of experim


The Albany Plan of Union was the first official attempt to unify the original colonies of what is now the United States. The plan was created by Benjamin Franklin and proposed during the Albany Congress of 1754.


Albany Medical Center Hospital's main campus is located at 43 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, New York. The hospital's Physician's Pavilion, the Albany Medical College and the Duker Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center are also located on the main campus at this address.


The first medical hospital established in Albany, N.Y., was Albany Hospital, which was opened in 1849. It shares its campus with Albany Medical College and, in 1982, the two organizations merged to form Albany Medical Center. As of 2015, Albany Medical Center is the only academic medical center in n


Selected for its centrality as a business and shipping center, Albany became New York state's capital in 1797. At the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk rivers, Albany was at the end of the Hudson River Valley and critical to the fur trade in New York.


Albany Insurance Services Inc. in Albany, Georgia, offers commercial and personal automobile, homeowners, life, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle insurance policies, as of 2016, according to the company’s website, AlbanyInsuranceServices.com. It also offers general liability, business and church


The Albany Plan of Union was proposed in 1754 to unite the North American colonies of Great Britain under a more central government. This would make it possible to cooperate better during the upcoming conflict with the French and Indians, and also help the colonies settle their territorial differenc


Body art uses the human body as a means of artistic expression. Body art includes piercing, tattooing, painting or scarring, and it can include adornments, such as clothes, shoes and hair coloring.


Colonial assemblies rejected the Albany Plan of Union because they were apprehensive about maintaining their authority, territory and commercial capabilities. They also did not want to be subject to additional taxation. Representatives of the British government rejected the plan because they preferr


Albany, New York hosts numerous local pet shelters, including the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, which is the largest animal protection organization in New York's Capital Region. Other pet adoption organizations in the area include the Capital District Humane Association and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue