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The largest issue for the 21st century is the improper definition and placement of existence in the modern mind. As a mental parameter and because of its infinite nature it gets corrupted . Take for example the theory of relativity which uses two or more objects and direct line of sight: two occurrences, no existence, and half a being (conscious).


PPLS philosopher named as one of the 50 most influential living philosophers. Published on 24 Aug 2016, 11:46. Andy Clark, professor of logic and metaphysics in PPLS. Andy Clark, professor of logic and metaphysics in PPLS, has been named as one of the 50 most influential living philosophers.


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John Dewey in the 21st Century Morgan K. Williams University of West Florida John Dewey was a pragmatist, progressivist, educator, philosopher, and social reformer (Gutek, 2014). Dewey’s various roles greatly impacted education, and he was perhaps one of the most influential educational philosophers known to date (Theobald, 2009).


But many of his words and ideas ring just as true in the 21st century as they did back then. ... Socrates’ philosophies remain just as pertinent as the day they were conceived (or at least the day they were recorded by his student Plato). As one 20th century philosopher, A. N. Whitehead, famously wrote: “The safest general characterisation ...


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The nineteenth-century philosopher’s ideas may help us to understand the economic and political inequality of our time. ... a twenty-three-page pamphlet was published in London. Modern industry ...


In the 20th century, philosophy increasingly became professionalized as the period witnessed the development of a number of new philosophical schools including logical positivism, analytic philosophy, phenomenology, existentialism, and post-structuralism. Interestingly, the philosophy of the 20th century is known as contemporary philosophy.


Relevance of Gandhi in modern times - by Rajen Baura* Looking at the present state of affairs in India, the birthplace of Gandhi, one would probably surmise that Gandhism, whatever the term may mean, cannot have any relevance in this twenty-first century.Gandhi is rightly called the Father of the Nation because he single handedly stood up against the mighty British Empire, without any arms ...