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Some of the best Grand Theft Auto (GTA) mods for the Microsoft Xbox video game console, according to TrustedReviews.com, include sink the city, car cannon mod, and gravity gun mod. Each mod offers players unique scenarios and abilities.


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GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto V, is an action-adventure, open-world video game that was released in September 2013 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 video game consoles. Rockstar North developed the game while parent company Rockstar Games released it.


As of October 2015, "Grand Theft Auto V" is not legally available to download for free. The game is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.


There are free downloads of the "Grand Theft Auto III" video game available online. Mobogenie.com offers a free download for mobile devices. FreeNoob.com makes a free copy of the PC version available for download. FullyPCGames.net also offers a free download of the PC version as of 2015.


The fastest car that can be purchased in "Grand Theft Auto 5" is the Turffade Adder. The vehicle is able to reach a top speed of 253 miles per hour and has a zero to 60 acceleration time of only 2.5 seconds.


The plot of "Grand Theft Auto V" centers on three playable characters who are career criminals. After a bank heist, the three are drawn into committing crimes for rogue government agents.


Gamers can view the current status of GTA Online by visiting the official Rockstar Games support website. The website shows the online status of both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.


Grand Theft Auto Online originally launched on October 1, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 consoles. A release is scheduled for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 consoles on November 18, 2014. A Microsoft Windows version is also scheduled for release on January 27, 2015.


The Hot Coffee mini-game for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is accessible only when main character Carl Johnson gets invited by his girlfriend to her home for "coffee" or sex. It can only be unlocked and played in the game by installing a third-party patch.