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Moda's quilting fabric designs include geometric, floral, abstract and seasonal designs, as well as whimsical designs such as those found in the Airmail and Funky Monkey collections. Airmail designs include Sky Love Above and P.O. Box Happy Mail, each featuring red, sky blue or white backgrounds wit


Moda Fabrics sells a wide range of fabrics, patterns, books, quilting supplies and finished products. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company sells to retailers and dealers, but not directly to the general public. Consumers looking for locations to purchase Moda Fabrics products can use the "Where To Bu


Moda International may refer to a retailer of home and office furniture products that also sells floor and wall coverings, interior lighting and accessories, and outdoor fixtures and furniture. The company is based in Paris, France, and sells its products through its online catalogue at Moda-Int.com


Moda International makes casual women's clothing in modern styles. The company makes a range of styles, from work-friendly dresses and sweaters to trendy skirts and youthful dresses.


Moda International clothing is available from department stores, such as Macy's, and from online retailers, such as Overstock and eBay. Moda's goal is to make fashionable but professional-looking clothes.


Moda International manufactures casual, fashion-forward women's clothing as of 2015. The company makes a wide range of clothing items, from sweater dresses to formal blouses. Many Moda International pieces are constructed from stretch knit or sweater fabrics.


Shoppers can find Moda International women's clothing online on sites such as Poshmark.com. Moda International clothing is also available on Amazon.com and Overstock.com, as of November 2015.


The Moda Bake Shop, a division of Moda Fabrics, offers many free patterns, or "recipes," which use Moda's jelly rolls and other precut fabrics. Jelly roll projects include the festive Tole Christmas quilt, a Christmas table runner, the Gardenvale chain quilt and the Jellied Lone Star quilt.


According to Emporia State University, no one is quite sure where quilting originated, but the earliest known quilted garment is thought to have been made around 3400 BC. Other quilted items have been found that date back to around 2 BC.


Common quilting supplies include scissors, a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, quilting rulers and water-based markers. Fabric, thread, needles and pins, and an iron are also basic supplies. A sewing machine, long-arm quilting machine and computer with quilting design software are other common supp