Common mobile home parts and supplies include exterior fixtures such as vents, siding, skirting and roofing. Indoor parts consist of bathroom fixtures and plumbing upgrades, including new water heaters, pipes and fitting... More »

In order to repair mobile home plumbing, you need to locate the leak first. Be sure to turn on the water to find it faster. You need pliers or vice grips, a hacksaw, replacement pipes and solvent cement to complete the r... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

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To build your own mobile home, you need to create or buy plans, then purchase a trailer on which to build the home, buy materials and fixtures, and construct the home. You'll need about $30,000 to buy the plans, a traile... More »

Cleaning the outside of a mobile home is a process that takes a variable amount of time depending on the severity of the dirt and the size of the home. In order to clean the outside a mobile home, you need a pressure wan... More »

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Good mobile home remodeling ideas include updating the wood paneling, replacing the fixtures, removing walls and adding a screened-in porch. Wood paneling can be painted or treated, depending on personal taste. Applying ... More » Vehicles