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Google's Mobile Management provides a means to manage select mobile devices, while the Mobile Device Management for Office 365 program enables users to manage Office products in use by several mobile devices. Apple offers a mobile device management program for schools to manage the mobile devices of


The official websites of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint all offer information on mobile device upgrade. Some of these providers allow customers to carry out upgrades online through personal accounts.


You can track mobile devices online for free by using your device's software application. IOS mobile devices such as the iPhone use the Find My iPhone app to locate their devices for free. Android users can also track their devices with their Gmail login information on Google.com.


Integration of mobile devices with a network, a central management unit network, mobile security, streamlined management support, and monitoring and reporting on mobile devices are features of good mobile electronic device management. MaaS360, XenMobile and AT&T Mobile Device Management are among th


The easiest way to transfer music between mobile devices is by using direct transfer functions; they require no cables or other accessories. Most mobile devices carry a Bluetooth function that is sufficient for this task, but Android and Apple devices are often not compatible in this manner, and app


To connect a mobile device such as a smartphone, to a Bluetooth headset or other device, first activate the Bluetooth device's search function. Then go into the settings for the phone or other device, locate the Bluetooth menu and tell the device to search for Bluetooth device signals.


To automatically pair your TV and your mobile device, ensure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, on your mobile device, touch or click the icon that has the symbol of a screen and Wi-Fi signal, and select the display on which you want the video to play.


One For All makes remote control devices capable of programming for use with multiple devices such as televisions, satellite, DVD players and amplifier systems. One For All also offers tablet remotes that turn a user's tablet into a multi-device remote control.


Devic's disease is a disorder of the central nervous system in which the eye nerves and the spinal cord become swollen, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is also known as neuromyelitis optica.


Access digital copies of Universal films on mobile devices by visiting UniversalHiDef.com and entering the redemption code on qualifying Blu-ray Disc purchases into the code redemption section, which enables you to purchase a digital copy at a participating retailer for use in mobile apps. In some c