Jack Chesbro, Ed Walsh, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, Joe McGinnity, Smoky Joe Wood, Pete Alexander, Cy Young, Jim Bagby, Jack Coombs, Lefty Grove, Denny McLain and Dizzy Dean are the 13 MLB pitchers who have won 30... More »

Though some people have claimed to know or even be the man in the MLB logo, the reality is that the pictured figure is a complete fabrication. The Major League Baseball logo features the silhouette of an adult male holdi... More »

For the 2014 campaign, the youngest player in the MLB is Dilson Herrera, according to STATS LLC. The 20-year old became the league's youngest when he made his late-season debut with the New York Mets. More »

According to the MLB's official site, the starting salary for an MLB umpire is $120,000 annually as of 2014. Senior MLB umpires make as much as $350,000 annually. More »

Major League Baseball (MLB) scores are available on the official MLB website MLB.com, ESPN's website espn.go.com, flashscore.com/baseball, and yahoo.com, among many other websites. Baseball scores are also integrated int... More »

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A player needs 3.1 bats, or appearances at the plate in each game of the season, to qualify for a Major League Baseball batting title. With a standard season of 162 games, each player vying for the MLB title is required ... More »

As of May 2010, the average salary for general managers in the MLB ranges from $500,000 to $2 million annually. For bigger market teams, such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, salaries reach even higher. More »