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A misuse of statistics is a pattern of unsound statistical analysis. They are variously related to data quality, statistical methods and interpretations. Statistics are occasionally misused to persuade, influence and sell. Misuse can also result from mistakes of analysis that result in poor decisions and failed strategies.


Statistics, when used in a misleading fashion, can trick the casual observer into believing something other than what the data shows. That is, a misuse of statistics occurs when a statistical argument asserts a falsehood. In some cases, the misuse may be accidental. In others, it is purposeful and for the gain of the perpetrator.


PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES TO RECOGNIZE: 1. NAME CALLING or STEREOTYPING: Giving a person or an idea a bad label by using an easy to remember pejorative name. This is used to make us reject and condemn a person or idea without examining what the label really means. ... MISUSE OF STATISTICS: Some examples: Average results are reported, but not the ...


Remember, misuse of statistics can be accidental or purposeful. While a malicious intent to blur lines with misleading statistics will surely magnify bias, intent is not necessary to create misunderstandings. The misuse of statistics is a much broader problem that now permeates through multiple industries and fields of study.


A great deal has been written about the misuse of statistics by pressure groups and politicians, by pollsters and advertising campaigns, by the broadcast media (newspapers, magazines, television, and now the Internet), and even misuse by statisticians and scientists.


Anti-global warming stances. Let’s take a look at some: This is Ted Cruz’s graph about global temperature, however, if we don’t use the starting point that he did, and we look more long term, the trend becomes quite clear: Puts the graph into a bi...


The misuse of statistics can be accidental or purposeful. Those with malicious intent sometimes misuse statistics in order to mislead their audience about a subject, a tactic that creates vast social issues and misunderstandings that last for years. Misusing statistics is a broader problem than being a tool for the malicious.


Propaganda and the misuse of information. Author: James Steven. Today the term "propaganda" carries an unfortunate implication that suggests dishonest and calculating tactics, however that was not the original meaning intended for the term.


Propaganda in Numbers misleading Gerber Products Company advertisement In a report by the Federal Trade Commission in 1997, the government pointed out some of the frequent claims made by companies with the intent of misleading the consumer--- YOU .


Fox News uses misleading statistics to push an authoritarian agenda Police officer deaths tragically rose this year — mostly because of accidents, not violence.