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Prune tomato plants by finding the suckers, or small shoots, that sprout between the main stems and the branches of the plants. If a sucker is less than 2 inches long, pinch it off with clean fingers. If it is longer than 2 inches, clip it with clean pruning shears.


Prune tomato plants by removing the suckers, thinning the branches, pruning the top of the plant and pruning the roots. You need pruning shears, a knife and pruning scissors.


Pruning Better Boy tomatoes helps to produce a larger, healthier crop. Pruning encourages air circulation and eliminates branches that allow fruit to touch the ground and rot. When fruit grows on higher limbs, it grows to maturity with a reduced chance of disease. Pruni...


To prune tomato suckers, identify the suckers that are harmful to your tomato plants, determine which ones should be removed, and pinch off small suckers as you find them. For larger suckers that you missed earlier, cut the suckers off with sharp pruning shears. Check i...


Prune sucker growth on tomatoes by making sure the plants are determinate, deciding which areas to prune, removing the suckers as soon as they sprout, pinching or snapping off the suckers and cutting thicker stems. You need pruning shears or pruning scissors.


Tomatoes are a healthy and versatile fruit consumed throughout the world. They contain numerous antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are also relatively low in calories.


Tomatoes are botanically classified as fruits because they develop from the ovary of a flower and contain seeds. Technically, tomatoes can be further classified as berries. However, because tomatoes are typically used in savory dishes instead of eaten as a dessert, they...