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Some ways to find missing people include hiring a private investigator, searching through the Internet, reporting to the police and making missing person's posters. Calling a missing person's helpline can be an equally good way to find help in terms of support and information on how to trace the ind


There are many great quotes that say "I miss you" better than those three words alone. The words "I miss you" connote the feeling of loss that comes to a person when a loved one is absent, no matter whether the separation is temporary or permanent.


The literal definition of missing someone is to perceive with regret the absence or loss of that person in your life. The emotional impact of missing someone is much more complex.


Hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing each year, but most of them are found. In 2012, there were approximately 661,000 reports of missing persons in the United States.


According to WebMD, a missed menstrual period commonly indicates pregnancy. If pregnancy isn't the cause, then it can be due to weight gain or loss, eating disorders, emotional stress, illness, increased exercise, travel, hormone problems, breastfeeding, birth control or illegal drug use.


Missing children and adults alike should be reported to local law enforcement agencies. After reporting the disappearance to the police, parents of missing children can also contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for more information on the next steps they should take.


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