Sylvia Plath's "Mirror" is a poem which deals intimately with the idea of women searching for distinctions between the real self and the false. It uses the titular mirror as its central symbolic device. More »

For the most part, the tone of Sylvia Plath's poem "Morning Song" is one of emotional detachment or estrangement. Her nonmaternal attitude to her newborn child, describing it in the first stanza as an inanimate object, "... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

The Poetry Foundation's website contains a Sylvia Plath page with an extensive poetry selection by the writer, along with critical and collective analysis. The page contains many essays identified according to the primar... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Famous sad poems that may make people cry include "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath, "The Man He Killed" by Thomas Hardy, "The Sick Rose" by William Blake and "Alone" by Edgar Allen Poe. Poe wrote numerous other sad poems, such a... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Critics consider "Mushrooms" to be about feminism. The mushrooms are symbols for women who are growing into their rightful place in society. More »

The theme of Emily Dickinson's poem "Success Is Counted Sweetest" is that doing without something makes a person appreciate its worth more than actually having it does. The theme is revealed in the first two lines of the... More »

John Milton's "Paradise Lost" is an epic narrative poem comprised of twelve books, each dealing with a theme on Adam and Eve's fall from Paradise. The first book proposes the whole subject, "Man's Disobedience." More »