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Name:_____’ “Mirror”by’Sylvia’Plath’ ’ Pre2Reading’ ’ 1.’’Brainstorm’five’things’you’’know’about’mirrors,’associate’with ...


Mirror by Sylvia Plath I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions. What ever you see I swallow immediately Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike. I am not cruel, only truthful--- The eye of a little god, four-cornered. Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.


Sylvia Plath's poem, ''Mirror,” symbolizes the troubled self of the woman, especially the woman artist who has to reject the given masks imposed on her by the patriarchal society and see herself as an artist and an individual. The mirror imagery in Plath’s poetry, therefore, signifies the


Mirror Analysis . I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions. (…) I am not cruel, only truthful— In the poem, Mirror, by Sylvia Plath, which can be read in full here, the mirror gives its own description and says that I am silver coloured and I am very accurate while reflecting the images of the objects that fall on my surface.I don’t have any pre-conceived notions and I absorb ...


Mirror by Sylvia Plath Introduction: Mirror is a free verse written by the American poet Sylvia Plath. The poem is written from the perspectives of two entities: a mirror and a lake, and the piece stands for the ideas of honesty, truth, and neutrality. Sylvia Plath chooses a simple everyday object, ‘a mirror’ in her … Mirror by Sylvia Plath: Poem Summary & Analysis Read More »


Terrible Fish in Sylvia Plath’s Mirrors: Perception and Relevance of Mirror Imagery Rajani Sharma One mirrory eye – A facet of knowledge. (“Berck-Plage” 48-49) William Freedman demonstrates in his article entitled “The Monster in Plath’s Mirror” that for Sylvia Plath, mirror holds great significance


"and mirror-looking, narcissistic experience. I believe it should be relevant.~ A"lot is known about Sylvia" Plath. Without yet any official biography or even any memoir longer than fifty pages, it is possible to construct a fair~y detailed account of her life, and of her relationships to her

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Poetry P. 2 Mirror by Sylvia Plath 97 CBSE 1. In pairs discuss the following questions: (a) When do you generally use a mirror? (b) Is a mirror essential for us? (c) Given below is a list of possible reasons why a person uses a mirror. Tick the ones you agree with: (i) to check one's appearance (ii) to look beautiful


Sylvia Plath: Poems study guide contains a biography of poet Sylvia Plath, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis of select poems.


Sylvia Plath: A Split in the Mirror I sit… Composed in Grecian tunic and psyche-knot, Rooted to your black look, the play turned tragic: Which such blight wrought on our bankrupt estate, What ceremony of words can patch the havoc? Conversation Among the Ruins by Sylvia Plath